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    DWF To SVG Converter:SVG Scalable vector graphics (Scalable Vector Graphics) is based on Extensible Markup Language (XML), used to describe two-dimensional vector graphics in a graphical format. SVG developed by the W3C is an open standard.

  • In order to ensure the smooth running and the network image is now developed by the W3C's D0M1, DOM2, CSS, XML, XPointer, XSLT, XSL, SMIL, HTML, XHTML technology, as well as other standards-based technology, such as the ICC, URI, UNICODE, RGB, ECMAScr ipt / JavaScript, Java coordinated, SVG is based solely on x ML (EXtensibleMarkup Language Extensible Markup Language), and energy and technology, blending the above will be a new generation of network image format. SVG is not just an image format, because it is an XML-based language, which means that it inherits the XML cross-platform X and scalable X, and thus can be reused in a graphical X, a big step. If SVG can be embedded in other XML documents, while the SVG document can also be embedded in other XML content, the various SVG graphics can be easily combined to form a new SVG graphics.
  • DWF to SVG Converter, help you convert dwf to editable SVG file. there are two versions available. standard version is an AutoCAD Addin, and Pro version is a stand alone program, no AutoCAD required.
  • Key Features:
  • Supports all DWF entity types exported by AutoCAD, including arcs, elliptical arcs, ellipses, true type fonts and etc.
  • Supports the DWF multi-page specification
  • Restores the layers in DWF, renders entire DWF pages
  • Extracts embedded Images
  • Acme CAD Converter is DWF to SVG converter allows you to convert DWF files to SVG, you can recover DWF entities to corresponding SVG entities easily.
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