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    DWF To PDF Converter:PDF full name of the Portable Document Format, translated into Portable Document Format, is an electronic file format.

  • Adobe's PDF file format design is intended to support cross-platform, multi-media integrated information publishing and distribution, in particular, to provide information dissemination on the network support. In order to achieve this goal, PDF has many other electronic document formats can not match advantage. PDF file format can be text, fonts, format, color and device-independent and resolution graphic images encapsulated in a file. The format file can also contain hypertext links, sound and moving images such as electronic information in support of talent documents, integration and safety and reliability is relatively high.
  • DWF to PDF Converter, help you convert dwf to editable PDF file. there are two versions available. standard version is an AutoCAD Addin, and Pro version is a stand alone program, no AutoCAD required.
  • Key Features:
  • Supports all DWF entity types exported by AutoCAD, including arcs, elliptical arcs, ellipses, true type fonts and etc.
  • Supports the DWF multi-page specification
  • Restores the layers in DWF, renders entire DWF pages
  • Extracts embedded Images
  • Acme CAD Converter is DWF to PDF converter allows you to convert DWF files to PDF, you can recover DWF entities to corresponding PDF entities easily.
  • Batch DWG conversion tools :
  • DWG to PDF Converter 2010 MX
  • DWG to SVG Converter 2010 MX
  • DWG to WMF Converter 2010 MX
  • DWG to Image Converter 2010 MX

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