• Acme CAD Converter

    Batch converter that allows you to convert DWG/DXF/DWF to PDF, JPEG, EPS, SVG, CGM, ... and File version converter without the need of AutoCAD.

    Version history  

    Ver 8.0
    [+] Supports AutoCAD R2010 format drawing files now.
    [+] Supports Quick mode to improve the graphics display performance of viewer.

    Ver 7.98.4
    [-] fixed a bug when running on command line mode.

    Ver 7.98.3
    [+] supports to define the custom page sizes by user.

    Ver 7.98.2
    [+] add an new function that allows you separate layers to multi-drawings.

    Ver 7.98.1
    [+] supports to set the DPI when batch conversion.
    [+] two new command line parameters are added (/scale and /margin)
    [+] supports to show the fonts or other files that can not be found.

    Ver 7.68
    [+] supports to render in-line PNG/TIFF/TGA images.
    [-] fixed a bug when rendering a large inline raster image.
    [-] fixed a bug when exporting "AcDbWipeout" entity.

    Ver 7.96
    [-] fixed a few bug when rendering toleranc entity.
    [-] fixed a bug when running on command line mode.

    Ver 7.95
    [+] Add an new option to allow user to select which Layouts and Layers will be exported.
    [+] In this version user can decide whether enable bookmark when exporting to PDF.

    Ver 7.92
    [+] Supports user-defined Watermark.
    [+] Supports to export to other vector format by scale.
    [+] Supports AutoCAD R2007 format drawing files now.
    [-] Fixed a bug that sometimes the pen width sets can not work.

    Ver 7.9
    [+] Supports Hidden line removal, provides 3 ways (None, Automatically and Forcibly).
    [-] Fixed a few bugs.

    Ver 7.89
    [+] Supports batch converting DWG to WMF.
    [-] Fixed a bug(rendering a raster image entity.
    [-] Fixed a command line bug.

    Ver 7.87
    [+] Added a few new features on command-line mode.
    [-] Fixed a bug that will cause a pen-width error when the program is exporting to other vector format file.

    Ver 7.85
    [-] When converts to PDF, a bug that render the OLE entities has fixed.

    Ver 7.80
    [-] fixed mini bugs.

    Ver 7.68
    [+] Added a new option that uses layout page size if possible. Now, It can adjust the size of output pages with its layout automatically.
    [-] fixed mini bugs when exports dwg into other vector format file(pdf,svg,cgm...etc).

    Ver 7.65
    [+] The version improves compatibility to read old dwg & dxf files.

    Ver 7.62
    [-] Fixed a bug when e-transmit (Only files that are in current folder of the drawing are packed-in!).

    Ver 7.61
    [+] Supports AutoCAD R2008 DWG/DXF format drawing files now.
    [-] fixed mini bugs when read dwf.

    Ver 7.6
    [-] fixed mini bugs (inline raster image entity) fixed.

    Ver 7.51
    [+] Add "Batch Convert to Tiff " menu.

    Ver 7.5
    [+] Can set the width or height to 0 when check the "Auto zoom extents" option. The width or height will be calculated depending on the proportion between width and height.
    [+] When the "Auto zoom extents" option is checked, you can zoom the viewport of zoom extents. You may set the "Scale(Zoom ext)" parameter to zoom the viewport in the pdf export and batch process dialog box

    Ver 7.3
    [+] Supports AutoCAD pen sets files (*.ctb).

    Ver 7.2
    [-] Some bugs fixed.

    Ver 7.1
    [-] Some bugs fixed.

    Ver 7.0
    [+] Supports AutoCAD R2007 format drawing files now.

    Ver 6.82
    [+] Can convert DWG/DXF files to tif, png, tga files with command line mode.

    Ver 6.81
    [-] Some mini bugs(command line parameters) fixed.

    Ver 6.8
    [-] Some bugs fixed.

    Ver 6.7
    [+] Can export layers of DWG file to the layers of PDF file.
    [-] Fix raster image conversion bug.
    [-] Fix pen width settings bug.

    Ver 6.51
    [-] Some mini bugs(command line parameters) fixed.

    Ver 6.5
    [+] Can use print pen width sets to export drawing file now.
    [-] Some bugs fixed.

    Ver 6.2
    [-] fixed crash bug when the font replaced.
    [-] Some bugs fixed.

    Ver 6.1
    [+] Add "Batch Convert" menu.
    [-] fixed bug when the new font replacing settings (only ttf) are not stored.

    Ver 6.0
    [+] Supports true color.
    [+] Supports gradient fill.
    [+] Save to WMF,TIFF,PNG,TGA function added.
    [+] Supports replace font files.

    [-] fixed bug when run on Windows NT 4.

    [-] fixed bug when export into vector format.

    [-] fixed crash bug when save into jpeg format.

    Ver 5.7
    [+] Supports eTransmit command like AutoCAD. you can package a set of files for Internet transmission.
    [+] Supports batch recover drawing files. When you have many damaged drawing files, this function will help you.
    [-] Some bugs fixed.

    Ver 5.6

    [+] supports Window XP themes style.
    [-] Fix dwg/dxf/dwf conversion bug
    [+] Can set PDF page size directly
    [-] Fix a error when CAD Converter export all layouts to other vector file
    [+] Can pick a window for exporting to other vector format files

    Ver 5.3
    [+] Supports new command line parameters as follows:
    1). /a Layout Index
    Layout Index is a integer number, the follows is the meanings:
    0 - always convert model space
    1 - convert the 1st layout, 2 - convert the 2nd layout, and so on
    -1 - convert the current layout
    -2 - convert the all layouts

    2). /key Registration code
    Sometimes CAD Converter can't read the registration code from register table at command line mode, so you can specify the registration code with this parameter.

    [+] Can run batch converting function on unregistered version for evaluation.
    [-] Some bugs fixed.

    Ver 5.2
    [+] Can select only model space or all layouts to convert at batch mode
    [+] Can convert more than one drawing files and/or its all layouts into one pdf file

    Ver 5.1
    [+] Can pick a window for converting to raster image

    Ver 5.0
    [+] Supports compressed scalable vector graphics file(.svgz)
    [+] Supports computer graphics metafile(*.cgm)
    [+] Supports encapsulated postscript(*.eps)

    Ver 4.8
    [+] Can use print pen width sets to export drawing file now.
    [+] Can import and export print pen sets.
    [-] Correct export bugs.

    Ver 4.7
    [+] Can create multiple print pen sets, you can set the destination color based on the color of entity now.
    [+] Can set graph size of export file with "mm" or "inch" units directly now.
    [+] Use the destination color to export to svg and pdf files.

    Ver 4.6
    [+] Supports xref block of R2004/2005 format drawing file.

    Ver 4.1
    [+] Supports DWF format file.

    Ver 4.0
    [+] Supports AutoCAD R2004/2005 format drawing files now.


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